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LIkewize Tha Sphittah Charlotte NC Rapper

 From Charlotte North Carolina, known as the "Queen City", Likewize Tha Sphittah emerges into the rap scene with an unorthodox style of rap with a underlying brisk, street lyricism type flow. His unique flow is what truly separates him from his peers. Doing shows up and down the east coast, he realized that his talent was better than Charlotte and wanted more. While pushing out his "The Crisis" mixtapes series, he was able to increase his booking by networking with music artists and promoters all over. Known for his hip hop influential demeanor and strong passion, Likewize Tha Sphittah Brings True Hip Hop Back To The Streets Where It Belongs....."For The Wisdom"


"Most people are confused when they find out where I'm from"......"When you from the South, everybody expects for you to have that Southern Sound"....."I find that weird because North Carolina is on the East Coast"....."So I consider myself an East Coast Music Artist and that's the sound I promote".....

Interview With LTS